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Veterinary Translation

There are currently more households in Spain with dogs than with children. In fact, the number of pets is twice the number of children under 14. The reasons for such a worrying figure are not easy to identify, although here we will just examine how the linguistic sector is affected (it may seem unbelievable, but they are connected).

Veterinary translation deals mainly with content intended for professionals who work with animals, whether they are pets or animals for human consumption. Bearing this in mind and the data provided in the first paragraph, it is clear that Veterinary Medicine is a field with a very large market and that it is in the process of expansion. However, the number of professionals capable of offering reliable language services in this field is very small. It is true that Veterinary Medicine is closely related to Biomedicine or Animal Production, but we must admit that its undeniable particularities make it a unique discipline that deserves, due to its importance for our daily life, specialists who offer a top-quality service.

The amount of medical content related to animals that is exchanged daily between people of different languages is enormous. In this sense, a good translation allows, for example, the sharing of research data in different countries and a good communication between the physician and the patients or users. Due to the exponential growth of Veterinary Medicine in recent years, it is more necessary than ever to have a trained professional who can respond to the requirements of each country in terms of safety for animals and people.

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