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What is medical translation

If recent turbulent times have taught us anything (or rather, reminded us), it is that there is a common maxim in all corners of the world: health comes first and the main concern that human beings instinctively have. In our global village, it is of vital importance that there is fluid communication in the health field between the different actors in the sector, be it for example between patients and physicians or between state agencies and companies.

Medical translation is a branch of scientific-technical translation that encompasses different fields of the health sector, such as cardiology, paediatrics, radiology, traumatology and many more. All these disciplines have in common a high level of language specialization, which is one of the reasons why translating medical texts is a delicate and complex task that requires specialized knowledge both in the language and in specific medical and scientific terminology. . Although it is always convenient to use a professional when you want to get a message across to a certain audience, in the case of medical translation it is of critical importance, since what is at stake is the health and well-being of people.

With the digitization of health, the scenarios in which it is necessary to locate texts in the health field have multiplied. Today, technological tools are being continuously implemented that enrich both distance and face-to-face care. On the other hand, more and more patients are turning to applications or virtual solutions to monitor their health or that of other people. In these and countless similar cases, medical translators must guarantee accuracy and coherence in the translation to avoid misinterpretations and errors that could have serious consequences for the health of patients.

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